Public Service Announcement: Tick Season Is Here

PSA: Spot the tick!

PSA: Spot the tick!

Two of Bling’s favorite things to do in this world are run and rummage through grass.  This makes her naturally predisposed to predatory ticks.  Being low to the ground and having long fur doesn’t help.  In the past two days, we have pulled 14 ticks off of Bling – no joke.  14.  Fortunately none of them had latched on for a free meal just yet, and we’ve fortified Bling with her tick medicine and vaccine, but corgi owners should be on the lookout!

Being a corgi lover, and veteran tick hunter, here are some tips for tick removal from corgis (and all dogs):

1.  Ticks seem to gravitate to Bling’s collar/neck area and chest/belly but we’ve found them on the top of her head and even ears!

2.  Bling HATES when we remove ticks and she senses when we’re going to start looking for them and promptly runs away – an alternative is to utilize pets and belly rubs as a surreptitious means to hunt.

3.  If a tick is engorged, we have a set of tweezers to grab it firmly at the head and pull off with a firm but steady motion.  On occasion it will take a few of Bling’s hairs with it, but it removes the entire tick.  This can be done without grabbing any skin.

4.  In the past we have found Bling scratching herself in an area where there is an engorged tick.  We have also found her trying to bite/lick the engorged tick still on her.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, post below.  Remember to be on the lookout, your corgi depends on you!

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