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Ahhh, it’s Friday…

Bling finally got a proper bath the other day and no longer smells like a swamp beast.    This has drastically increased her allotted couch time as we don’t need to disinfect everything after playing with her. I think it … Continue reading

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Caught Red Handed!

Top secret photos from wikileaks have confirmed what Heather and I have long suspected – Bling sneaks onto our red couch for a comfortable little nap when she thinks we’re not looking.  She knows she’s not allowed on the couch … Continue reading

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If I’m good, will Santa be nice to me?

Well, I know the site has been quiet for a while, and technically since Thanksgiving is officially over, Christmas season has begun.  Bling, naturally, has decided to get into the holiday spirit a bit early (thanks to her Uncle Ben). … Continue reading

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