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Bling wants all fellow Corgis, dogs in general and other pets to stay dry!

In the gale-force winds of super-storm Sandy, Bling almost blew away!  Fortunately, she recovered and quickly ran back into our house.  But, the moral of the story is clear – look out for your pets!  And if you can, please … Continue reading

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This corgi doesn’t mind if it gets the hose.

I particularly love a couple of things about this video. 1.  This corgi, like all corgis, has a never-say-die attitude towards that hose.  No matter how much he gets squirted, he’s coming back for more, water be damned. 2.  Notice … Continue reading

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Remember how I said Bling likes to roll in disgusting things?

Months ago I mentioned that Bling explores the world by rolling in it.  With my new found youtube/video posting knowledge, I can now present to you super top secret footage proving her intense interest in all things smelly, and her innate … Continue reading

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