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To Infinity and Beyond!

So just a little over a month ago, this blog approached 1,000 visits (not including my own bazillion personal visits which fortunately aren’t counted), yesterday, we blazed past 2,500 visits.  I don’t want to say we’re the number 1 corgi … Continue reading

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Awesome Corgi T-Shirt: Obtained

To answer everyone’s first question, yes, that amazing t-shirt model body is in fact mine.  You can stop drooling now. Now, onto the t-shirt itself.  How cool is this?  That is definitely one bad ass corgi.  I mean, he’s got … Continue reading

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Introducing the newest member of the Avengers!

Avengers assemble…with Dookster!  Meet Dookster, our first featured corgi other than Bling.  Dookster’s super-human (super-dog?) powers include being awesome and wearing bandanas.  Thank you Jessica for sending us a picture of your corgi!

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