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Please forgive any site disruptions and lack of posts for the next few weeks. is being transferred to another host, and I’m trying to wrap my head around all the new features/changes to make the site better.  Keep calm and corgi on.

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I’ve Been Waiting For This Day My Whole Life (and so has Bling)

News Release:’s bumper sticker, hot off the printing press, has arrived!


The bumper sticker is a rendition of the redesigned, trendier logo – which 9 out of 10 corgis polled prefer.  9 out of 10!  The new logo is proudly displayed in the header of all webpages.  Can you spot the differences between the new and old (there are 2)?

I still haven’t determined the optimum position for the bumper sticker, and haven’t fully committed to it yet by taking the sticky backing off it, but options include the rear bumper versus the rear side window (as demonstrated here).

If you would like a bumper sticker, I will probably be sending off a second printing run in a few weeks so let me know.  Corgi ears seen in the picture are not included.


“Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal.”


"Driver, please take me to the dog park."

“Driver, please take me to the dog park.”

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Big Things Are In The Works…

"I take a back seat to NOBODY!"

“I take a back seat to NOBODY! Now, get me my coffee!”

At the intersection of innovation and design, the apex of technology, and pinnacle of style, big things are happening at the corporate headquarters of  Massive things, exciting things.  Over the next week or so, the design department in conjunction with the marketing and advertising divisions will unveil a new and improved logo along with the corporation’s first mass-produced, yet limited-edition (total production run of 3) product: a bumper sticker.  Bling, CEO and President of has already gone on record as saying, “WOOF!”  More information to come…

And happy Mother’s Day!

*disclaimer: is not a corporation.  It therefore is also not a person.  It is instead a movement.

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